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There is no doubt that the Olympics is one of the premier competitions in all professional sports. The Olympic Games are such a time-honored tradition, and there is no doubt the governing body can and should do everything possible to protect the integrity of this great event. Thus, the Olympics have regulations to ensure that the games are conducted fairly and honestly. In this piece, we will go over some of the Olympic laws and rules to ensure that this is fair.

 A while ago, the Olympics adopted the “Olympic Agenda 2020” initiative to lay the groundwork for protecting the Olympic Games’ credibility. Since then, several initiatives have been implemented to help fortify that initiative.

 In December 2015, the IOC’s executive board approved a regulation that focused on preventing cheating and deception within competitions. This regulation aimed to assist sports entities with sticking to regulations that were in line with the Macolin Convention guidelines. Rules were made regarding disciplinary action for the violation of those procedures. 

 According to the Olympic Charter, all global sports federations under the IOC’s jurisdiction must comply with the regulation mentioned above. If a worldwide sports federation falls within the International Olympic Committee jurisdiction, they must implement the regulation. Sports entities that operate on a global and local scale must implement this regulation during their participation in the Olympics. 

 The Olympic Movement has a unit dedicated to supporting global sports federations to implement this regulation. Also, this unit has served to help federations by developing guidelines that will help sports bodies concerning sanctioning. 

 Of course, this rule has to be followed by the National Olympic committees as well. The unit responsible for making sure this regulation is carried out also supports National Olympic Committees in implementing the regulation. They are also responsible for assisting local sports entities in developing rules so that they can enforce the rules more effectively.

 Finally, this rule must be followed by other competitions that play multiple sports under the IOC jurisdiction.