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Whether it is the vocab utilized, the amount of money that players earn, or the specifics and structure of the contract, it is certain that the National Football League (NFL) contracts lead to a lot of misunderstandings and are a mystery to a lot of fans. With essential members from the Kansas City Chiefs coming up for new contracts this year, it is certainly important that fans understand these contracts that will shape the football franchise’s future.

On that premise, the following article presents everything that fans need to know about the upcoming NFL contracts with the Kansas City Chiefs members and what to expect to happen once these contracts are signed.

Patrick Mahomes and Chris Jones, who are the two most important members of the Kansas City Chiefs football team, are due new deals in the year to come. Their new contracts will certainly affect the Kansas City Chiefs for the next five years. The basic terms of their new contracts are as follows: base salary, guaranteed money, signing bonus, roster bonus, workout bonuses, and incentives. 

Football players are given their base salary by simply being part of the team. For a sixteen-game schedule, the players earn their base salary in seventeen installments. Regarding guaranteed money, there are three different types that teams can utilize in the contract: guaranteed for injury, skill guarantees, and cap guarantees. These guarantees mean that the player will be given money in case of an injury and will be protected from being released from the team for not having the required skills and forgetting the team under the cap.

A signing bonus is a payment given to the player upfront within a year of signing the contract. A roster bonus is a money that is given to team players for being on the active roster.

In addition to that, workout bonuses are a form of compensation given to players for attending offseason workouts. Last but not least are incentives, which are money sums given to players that hit particular thresholds.

Football teams utilize all these terms and tools to convince players to join them. The basics of all the NFL contracts are certainly imperative as they dictate how the managers form their teams and the ever-changing cap space.