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There has been no doubt that acts of discrimination and racism have occurred quite a few times in matches governed by the Football Association. As a result, the Football Association has implemented new recommended guidelines regarding the policy for individuals and crowd members who decide to discriminate. The governing body has even implemented the possibility of closing arenas if the fans engage in a pattern of discriminatory actions.

The Football Association’s new policies come from an extensive process that was done to make sure that the new guidelines would be up to par.

The governing body met with a football-based equality organization known as Kick It Out. They also met with focus groups and various associations. They sought input from many clubs and league representatives.

The FA guidelines recommend that the regulatory bodies issue match bans ranging from six to twelve games in terms of punishment. This range will give the FA a better job of administering a fair and just punishment on a case-by-case basis.

There is a possibility that a suspension could go under the minimum amount of recommended games if the offense is done via the written word or electronic communication. Other factors will be considered as well. There is also no obstacle to the FA taking action if an incident took place during a private encounter outside the field of play.

The Football Association doesn’t have jurisdiction when it comes to the discipline of individual crowd members. However, the governing body can take action against a club due to its fans’ poor behavior. Suppose a club’s crowd commits a first offense of making racist chants. In that case, the Football Association will recommend that the club develop a detailed plan of action to prevent a similar situation from happening again. The further offense will result in significant fines for clubs.

The chairman of Kick It Out hopes that the new guidelines will cut down on incidents that have occurred in the past. He hopes that this leads to more meaningful dialogue with regards to discrimination off of the field.