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Whether you are just beginning your career or are a bit further down the path to your future, you are certain to find a plethora of useful information, tools, and resources in the following list of books. A diverse selection of comprehensive yet user friendly literature, you can learn about all areas and levels of sports law and legal sports issues by consulting the following Top 10 Books to Read on Sports Law.

1. Introduction to Sport Law
This book is comprehensive, yet accessible to everyone, even those with little or no prior legal experience or knowledge.

2. Introduction to Sport Law With Case Studies in Sport Law, Second Edition
A user friendly, comprehensive book, this text covers everything from basic information and fundamental ideas to more advanced topics. Also included are case studies, excerpts from 87 real court cases, a glossary of legal terms, and more.

3. Introduction to Sports Law & Business, 9th Edition
Authors Paul Breaux, Phil Breaux, and Aaron Brooks collaborate to complete this thorough resource for introduction to sports law and business.

4. Careers in Sports Law
Careers in Sports Law explores the multitude of opportunities that exist in today’s sports law industry and it outlines the steps needed to achieve them.

5. How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know
Written by Darren Heitner, an experienced and successful sports agent and Miami attorney, this insightful resource contains details from true life events experienced by Heitner, real case studies, and more.

6. Rules of the Game: Sports Law
Rules of the Game: Sports Law includes keyword glossaries, discussion questions, and countless resources, like samples of drug test consent forms, standard NFL contracts, and more.

7. Sports Law: Cases and Materials, Third Edition
This book includes useful information, tools, and resources that focus on the nearly endless list of opportunities and career choices that exist in the world of sports.

8. Essential Legal English in Context: Understanding the Vocabulary of US Law and Government
Especially useful for law field beginners and English language novices, this user friendly text provides a detailed framework of law terminology, legal English, and a wide range of other vital concepts and building blocks for the practice of law.

9. Players: How Sports Became a Business
Learn about how the sports world and business world first collided and combined. Read firsthand accounts from the very roads taken to achieve this monumental evolution.

10. Advanced Introduction to Global Sports Law (Elgar Advanced Introductions)
Precise and extremely comprehensive, this text is both rigorous and accessible.