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People should know these five things before pursuing a career in sports law.

Specialize in one sport

Standing out as a general sports lawyer is difficult. Athletes with legal issues do not want the third-best lawyer to represent them. They want the best lawyer in the field because that increases their chances of winning lawsuits. They are willing to pay whatever it takes to get the lawyer on board. Therefore, lawyers should learn everything they can about one sport. Focusing on one niche can be lucrative. Specialists can charge higher rates because they are subject matter experts.

Know how to get clients

Lawyers can only make a living if they have clients. They can meet potential clients by going to events and conferences in the sports industry. However, do not be pushy. Nobody likes pushy salesmen who only care about making money. Lawyers must be genuine when interacting with others. Go to events to have a good time. Lawyers who do this will be able to stay authentic. Meeting new clients will then become a natural process.

Meet with other lawyers

Prospective sports lawyers should meet with established professionals in the field. Industry veterans can give advice and point out things that new lawyers may not be aware of. For example, they can suggest good locations to find clients.

Learn how to dress well

Wearing a suit and tie comes with the job description. Lawyers must make sure they get a suit in their size. Everything should be tailored. A suit can look hideous if it does not fit. Also, the colors of belts and shoes should match. Use collar stays and lint rollers to make clothes look more polished. Having a good fashion sense matters in law. Lawyers must signal to clients that they are organized and knowledgeable.

Stay healthy

Pursuing a career in sports law can be stressful. Remember that the career is a marathon and not a sprint. Lawyers should use their vacation days. They should use the time to see friends and family. Being mindful of health issues keeps burnout away.

By following these five tips, sports lawyers will be able to have a successful career.