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Everyone gets a piece of the pie in college sports, everyone except the college athletes. Athletic programs rake in about $14 million. Many college athletes get scholarships, but they aren’t allowed to put their hand in the money jar for any of the dough they helped bring in. Some states like California have passed laws allowing these athletes to sign endorsement deals. The pros and cons of paying student-athletes rages on.

They’re The Ones Making The Money

Students are the ones generating the money for their school. Many argue that naturally, they should get some of this money. Many college athletes become famous just from playing the game. The school is benefiting from its namesake, yet the athlete gets no compensation.

Exposure For The School

Student-athletes often help boost the popularity of their school. This means admissions and donations often rise because of a certain athlete. A random school can put its name on the map just because of a great athlete or team.

The Risk For Injury

Injury is a big deal in college sports. If an athlete is seriously injured, they risk losing their scholarship. This could hurt them in the future for playing professional sports where they could earn millions of dollars. Many people say these athletes should be paid because they’re risking their future to play for a college team. Many claim it isn’t fair that an athlete makes a wrong move and is left without scholarship money.

They Get Scholarships Already

Many people argue that athletes already get paid to play. The biggest problem is that most athletes only receive a little bit of scholarship. Some get extra spending money on top of their scholarship already. Some only get enough money for boarding and food. It’s a fine line between scholarship money and fun money.

The Love Of The Game

Athletes are students first. Their job on the field or court should be fun instead of a job. Many people say these athletes should still play for love. They weren’t paid in middle school or high school to play their game. Playing in college means the athlete must attend class and participate in their sport. They shouldn’t be paid to love their game.