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A degree in law is a great option considering all the fields within the major of law. Still, law school is incredibly rigorous and competitive. Law school takes a great deal of hard work and mental strength to persevere. Passing the bar exam is another beast. Depending on what concentration of law you plan on studying, you can choose your undergraduate course to suit it. Here are some of the best and most popular areas of study for pre-law

Political science

If you plan on utilizing your law degree for work in the public sector or have political aspirations, then studying political science during undergrad is a great idea. 

The political science major focuses on the inner workings of our country’s political and public mechanisms. It is a fantastic primer for those wishing to pursue careers in, for instance, the district attorney’s office, or other various law positions in the public sector.


Individuals who possess an undergraduate degree in English are at a great advantage when entering law school. The coursework associated with an English degree will hone your reading and writing skills. 

There is a particular emphasis on analyzing written works and learning how to communicate your ideas effectively. These are crucial skills for future lawyers, since, as a lawyer, you will be reading and writing nonstop.

Criminal justice

Criminal justice is another pre-law option for those wishing to pursue work in the public sector. A criminal justice degree gives you a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and the psychology behind it. 

If you are planning to be a public defender, or part of a local, state or federal law team, a  criminal justice degree will come in great handy. Studying criminal justice is also a great option if you plan to be a defendant of any kind.


Last but not least, psychology is not an uncommon selection for those in the pre-law program. By studying psychology, you will have the added benefit of understanding the personality types, and how to communicate best and analyze them.

This is incredibly important for a lawyer, as they are always dealing with different kinds of people in a very high-pressure setting.