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The entertainment industry has created a stigma about lawyers in television shows and movies. Lawyers are portrayed to be working for firms or powerful corporations that constantly deal with corruption and scandals. Many careers are available to law degree graduates that only a few know or think about. The nontraditional legal careers can also give law graduates an option to work in the legal field without having to take the bar exam.



Becoming a law professor doesn’t mean your career will only consist of teaching. You will have the ability to do research and write about the law. Researching certain cases and their different outcomes to assign to students to see them try their hand at how they would handle the situation. If you enjoy writing about the law, publishing in law journals will be a selling point for this position. Entering into a position such as a professor would be a great role for those who want to share knowledge with future lawyers and help shape the legal system.



Instructors may seem similar to professors, but they do not have to be published in law journals. Instructors have more flexibility in where they teach and the programs set forth for their students. Many instructor positions need to be filled such as legal writing instructors and paralegal instructors. As an instructor, you will create lesson plans, grade papers, and develop programs for your students to learn from.


Legal Editor

Legal editors have similar responsibilities as a regular editor. They must proofread and edit publications. The only difference is that the publications you would be dealing with pertaining to law. You would need extensive knowledge and keen attention to detail to ensure the excellent quality of the information being published.


Sports Lawyer

The sports industry is diverse in the opportunities it can give aspiring sports lawyers. Sports lawyers can work in property law, contract law, employment law, and many more sectors. You can work with athletes, apparel manufacturers, and the media. Though it takes some time and a lot of talent to work your way up to representing “big names” in the sports world, there are many career paths for a lawyer in the sports industry.


You might be interested in the traditional position of prosecutor or defender but it is always good to know your options upon graduation. Discovering the extensive options could push you into a career path you never thought possible.